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Show Jumping


Beginning Riding Lessons:

We offer an encouraging supportive environment for learning at all ages. We have well behaved, friendly lesson horses. We will teach you how to be a compassionate rider and share our love of horses with you. 


Join our new training program! Students are taught to ride focusing on forming good balance and a good independent seat. They will progress to learning to use correct aids with their seat legs and hands to communicate with their horse.

During horse management classes students will learn to groom, tack up and care for horses as well as other horse knowledge.

Advanced Lessons

Once are trainers are confident in your skills, you will be given the option to advance to a specific discipline.

We can help you progress and join our show team. We go to several schooling shows each year. In addition we offer clinic opportunities.

Contact us to sign up for an introductory lesson. If you feel we are a good match you can sign up for one of our monthly training programs.

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